Hey there,

My name is Lauren. I am a self-taught artist from California and I have been living in Colorado in for four years. I am a passionate creator and my love for art spans several modes of expression. My main, but not only, mediums are acrylic painting, black ink drawing and photography. From old to new, this website contains a great deal of my art since 2014. It is by no means a professional portfolio, but more of a casual sharing of my creations. I’m still figuring it all out as I go—and that’s the excitement of this creative journey. I draw my inspiration from many different sources—a few of them being nature, color, music, philosophy, every day life, and the landscape and culture of the Southwest. I don’t know how the future will unfold, but I hope to eventually become an art therapist so I can encourage the immense healing powers of creativity. My hope is that website will simply give you a glimpse of my essence as an artist and that I can add something vibrant to your day. Thank you for visiting my creative corner of the internet.

Much love,

Lauren Robinson

Email: lrobinsonart@gmail.com / lauren.robinson@coloradocollege.edu

Cell: (650)380-5549

PS: this website is still in progress, as I have not uploaded a great deal of my work from 2018.

PSS: My Etsy will be up and running by December and my paintings will then be available to buy.