hey there!

my name is Lauren Robinson. Considerably accurate labels would be artist, yogi, musician, nature-loving granola.. curious, engaged member of the world. 

I'm heading into my junior year at Colorado College and this semester I will be in Florence, Italy--studying art, music, art history and Italian. Please keep up to date with my work--I will be posting regularly to this portfolio! Follow the evolution of my expressive processes. I am far from settled on one sole medium--instead, I'm open to delving into any medium that offers me room to self-express and be creative. This realm of life allows me to live and develop a love affair with the world. Once you see your beauty within, you'll be more perceptive to the aesthetics of the outside world. As long as I'm following my bliss, I know the universe will take care of me. Follow me on my creative journey of getting through life by self-expressing. 

<3 l.rob 




#1580 902 N. Cascade Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


+1 650 380 5549